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Hawaiian Crunch

Squeezing in a five-day, four-night Hawaiian golf vacation isn't easy. You have to move fast without much relaxation, expect your body to get physically beaten up (don't worry, there's a cure), and take in a red-eye back home. And you know what? Totally worth it. I leave from Los A...

Golf Heavenly Hawaii

There is a place where a brilliant blue ocean meets impeccably manicured fairways and greens; a place where tranquility exceeds expectations in a halcyon paradise. And amazingly you won't need a passport or a reason to go there. A nine hour direct flight from Chicago, yes, but a passp...

Mauna Lani Resort at Kalahuipua'a

As host to the Senior Skins Game for an unprecedented 11 years, the South Course at Mauna Lani Resort has captured international attention and prestige. With dynamic ocean vistas and tour-quality conditions, the South Course is on a short list of must-plays on the Big Island. But an ...

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